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hi, it's time for great videos "right this minute"." it's an extraordinary
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wrestling match as a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy has a moment of victory. now the champ and his dad tell the story behind the viral video. >> you won this wrestling match. how did that feel? >> good. >> he said that guy was not playing around. a test rider takes a pricy bike out and the video that has people saying -- some high liners cross the canyon. >> everyone is telling you not to walk. >> hear what they are thinking wraeng the journey. plus, time for christmas rap red nosed reindeer ♪ >> hear the holiday classic and see the big event that brought all of the elephants out. our first video today is
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remarkable. the winner of this match is 13-year-old jared stevens and jared has severe cerebral palsy. he is a seventh grader and this is his first wrestling match. they are wrestling freedom middle school and the boy he is wrestling is justin. you see him shake jared's hand and jared wins this wrestling match. he has been the honorary coach on the football team and basketball team. >> what a wonderful lesson it teaches about sportsmanship. >> we have jared along with his
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father. you won this wrestling match. how did it feel? >> it felt good. >> were you nervous at all for your son? >> we are very supportive. jared is healthy. he was a little nervous going out there. >> yes. >> how did jared end up wrestling to begin with? >> he asked one day could he get on the mat and they look at me and i'm like let him out there. >> did you get to talk to justin the other wrestler? >> i went over to meet the kid and tell him thank you. the first time they met is when they shook hands on the mat.
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coach asked to see the player with the biggest heart. the kid did a phenomenal job. all of the people had to give something to make a minute possible. >> i think lots of people are moved by the story. your energy is infectious. you are awesome. i have two videos for you die guys. here is a guy, a test rider for a motorcycle testing magazine. he is testing a 2013 sjr 1,300. a very fast, expensive motorcycle. it is about $15,000. here is what happened. [ laughter ] >> he is a pro test rider. and he seemingly just slightly
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misjudged the clearance of the rear. he goes right into the bay. he traded in the motorcycle for a boat. >> how embarrassing for him. he is a pro. next video this woman is dopey from the beginning. little bmw z 4 silver. having a difficult time getting out of her parking spot. >> straighten the wheel. straighten the wheel. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> no. >> are you kidding me? >> it's all there on tape. how do i know it is a woman? the guy who took the video and uploaded it said that is a woman
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driving the car. i can't say maybe she was -- >> oh, god. oh my god. >> did you guys hear that south carolina is giving out two cases of beer? >> no. >> that's because they are not but this guy decided to take them anyway. dude walks up to the refrigerator and takes out two cases of beer and walks out the door. look what the robber does. >> he is like going for a piggyback ride. >> looks like the employee was giving him punches to the gut. >> he continues fighting with the employee. >> here they are in their fighting stance. the dude ended up getting away and police are looking for him and another man that was his accomplice. i have another video. this one is from philly. these two dudes are going to steal from a healing pharmacy. one of them was wearing a hard
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hat. he and his buddy were about to break a hole through the roof of this building. he fell right through. takes a hard fall. he starts stuffing this backpack with the merchandise and tries to exit the store, fails. >> he is not getting close. >> finally decided to bail on the backpack and bails on the hard hit. the surveillance shot of them running away. police are looking for these two fellows. >> he broke in, attempts to steal stuff, left everything he stole. he just practiced a break in. >> a successful break in but a dumb robbery. maybe a phone call to the company. >> could have just left his license. time for us to take an inside look into the minds of the crazy people. this video is from good lions
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film at the famous spot rock canyon in utah. beautiful shot. wait until you hear some of the things that they have to say. >> everything is telling you not to walk. >> you get to see a little bit of the process how they set this up. also we hear about the relationship between these athletes and what they are doing. >> my relationship with the line is pretty straightforward. the high line has a simple set of rules you have to flo rbent. >> we are cringing as we watch the guys dangling up there. >> people think it is an adrenalin sport. it is not. it is all about the moment. you have to care about three steps ahead of you and you don't think about mistakes you might have made three steps back. you are taking one step at a
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time. >> these guys are incredible athletes but incredible to hear the mindset. >> the fact he said it is not an adrenalin sport how do you control your heart beat and not freak out. they are talking about it like it is walking down the street. >> but it is a brilliant way to approach your life in general. don't think about three steps back or three steps ahead. live in the moment. >> put one foot in front of the other like you should do everything else in life. what to do with the radio station interns? >> looks like there was ground beef in the nachos. >> it is the nacho canon shot. see it next. and look who is on video. see what the camera caught on "right this minute."
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if you are going to use your
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manly strength to pull an 8-ton truck 70 feet how would you pull it? >> i would strap a harness on. >> smart guy except this georgiaen strongman did it with his ears. he is getting ready, psyching himself up to do that. >> oh, my goodness. >> i have no idea. he noosed a rope around his ear skpu tached it to that truck and was able to full it 70 feet. and in doing so he set a world record. >> i feel like this is a guy who got his ear twisted by all the teachers in school and his mother and it built up strength.
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and he realized that doesn't hurt anymore. i might as well pull a truck. >> i love the entourage behind it like my boy has the strongest ear in the world. it's time for another edition of animal round up. today we start in northeastern china. this is the national preserve. guess what video cameras picked up. siberian tigers and lepers. this is out in the wild. by the way, in the middle of the action between tigers and lepers there is a fox. what is interesting about the fox the fox is like i think somebody is watching me. who is that? hey. let me get out of here. maybe the fox is doing the walk of shame and got caught. they believe that the father and daughter. >> daddy daughter time. let's move to thailand where
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baby is having bath time. she got a new pool and mommy is trying to teach it how to jump in. she is like i am going to play with the trainer and mom. i love how trying to get into the pool -- >> it is a baby pool. i would think they dug a pool in the enclosure but it is a baby pool. >> mom is showing her how to do it. you stand in here and cool off. >> what is interesting is that these elephants live at the elephant nature parkture is an 80-acre preserve. the mom was brought there because she was a victim of land minds. the good thing is that she is getting good quality mom time. don't you love how the elephants are watching like somebody is getting the first bath.
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that is like awesome. a baby pool is perfect for a baby elephant. this gives new meaning to the term fast food. >> that's got to hurt. >> that is situation, the intern at 93.3 rocks radio station and just took a nacho to the chest fired by an air canon. >> it looked like tere was ground beef in those too. >> here it comes again. boom. knocks the guy. the nachos guy a little high. seems like they had a target on his chest and it looks like it clipped him in the high chest. situation hit the ground. even if it is a pound or two of food that was coming at him at a pretty good clip. sometimes you have to waste food to gain food. they are raising money and food donations for the philadelphia
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area charity. he is an intern and was fine after he took the nachos to the chest. >> i'm glad the nachos didn't hit him in the face because he could have gotten nacho scars. >> that would be terrible. >> what is nacho scars? >> where you get that scar and you are like i had a natcho canon shot at my face. >> 313 tonz donated. >> well done. >> awesome. ever wonder what a nin jawarrior's bedroom looked like? discover what it would be like to room with a ninja warrior. >> how about a drinking game with -- >> very hilarious comedian. >> lamb chops. >> let the games begin on "right this minute." [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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before we start this next video let's play word association. whenever i say a word say what comes to mind. boots, fuzzy. >> bear. >> that is what thompson is doing in this video from in a series called
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drinking games. >> lamb chops. >> tasty. >> childhood. >> fun. >> funky. >> african american people. >> he obviously hasn't met me because i can't dance. >> i don't know if you should play this game anymore. >> justin bieber. >> african american. >> coma. >> love. >> i don't know why i said that. >> are you thinking i would love to be in a coma. >> r kelly. >> soul. >> have you ever seen him in concert? he was in l.a. over the weekend. two women were fighting over a seat. he didn't stop the song. he just goes ♪ security ♪ get over here and do your [ bleep ] job ♪ >> maybe we should start singing what is going on around here.
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>> you want to see the entire game head to our website, and click on best of rtm. when you were kids did you dream of being a marine biologist? >> i loved it. >> now we get the deals like we accomplished our goal. this video was put together from marine biologists. and they are working. they are in this gorgeous setting. it looks like a wonderful scuba trip. this is their job. >> man. now i'm just jealous. >> now you are dreaming of being a marine biologist. >> at one point they are lip synci
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syncing. they are on the island and they are studying the ecology of the coral reef community. what is so great about this video is since it is online and going viral it will hefully encourage youngpele to biologis >> it is like an old professor with the mustache. >> young attractive people. now i really regret my career path. a little christmas rap along. ♪ rudolph the red
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for a really cool look. >> and i think team superfly because the pilots on this plane are part of the race. it is held to raise funds for an organization in australia. it is not really a race, race. it is more of a navigation exercise between 19 teams. their goal really is to raise funds so that they can provide this flying service to rural areas and australia to provide for people who live in the areas. >> getting around that country is really the only way in some
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cases. >> right. we get to see some of the flights. beautiful. >> and raising funds. it is a great way to see the country especially if you have never been to australia and doing something really remarkable. if you have ever been curious about what a ninja's bed room looks like wonder no more. >> swords and black outfits? >> no. >> mike is an artist. he was on nbc's ninja warrior tv show. he has rings, ropes, bars. he is swinging from one part of his bedroom to another. he does all types of different strength maneuvers. watch him here. he is on that bar swinging and
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then moves the bar up. >> this is pretty cool but it would stink to be this guy's room mate. think about the noise. he would have to pay more rent. >> he does get out of his bedroom. here he is practicingt at an actual jgymnasium. >> i thought there would be like throwing stars on the wall. >> and black masks and shoes with just the big toe. >> that's it. well, it is time to get into the holiday spirit. what better way to do so than singing old fashioned christmas carols with dmx. ♪ you know dasher and dancer and prancer ♪ ♪ do you recall the most famous
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reindeer of all ♪ ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ had a very shiny nose >> i'm impressed that he knew all the reindeer names because i don't think i know all the names. >> he did get the lyrics right. ♪ then one foggy christmas eve santa came to say ♪ ♪ rudolph with your nose so bright won't you ride my slay tonight ♪ >> won't you guide my sleigh tonight. ♪ all of the reindeer loved him ♪ ♪ and they shouted out with glee rudufl the red nosed reindeer you will go down in history ♪ >> to see it in its entirety head to our website,
9:59 am click on best of rtm. >> come on. ho do it for us here at rtm. thanks for joining us.

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